Error with XML 6 urgent
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I Buy XML today , its wonderful product, but I want to customize it as your free online XML on your site, when I used the online XML on your web site, gave me these detils:

Links depth: 1
Current page: joomla-adds/item/ose-security-suite-v302-j25.html
Pages scanned: 48 (2,021.1 KB)
Added in sitemap: 48
Pages left: 40
Time passed: 2:14
Time left: 1:52

but when I used my XML on my server none of these details shown, just
Please wait. Sitemap generation in progress...
and after more than 3 minutes get the resutl as :

Links depth: 2
Current page: books/alphaindex/books/n.html
Pages added to sitemap: 98
Pages scanned: 99 (3,348.1 KB)
Pages left: 214 (+ 55 queued for the next depth level)
Time passed: 0:04:05
Time left: 0:08:50
Memory usage: 2,341.7 Kb

and these details still as it with no change , while your free XML online work perfect.
and the time as this:

Auto-restart monitoring: Thu May 31 2012 23:33:40 GMT+0300 (Arab Standard Time) (95 second(s) since last update)
Thu May 31 2012 23:32:06 GMT+0300 (Arab Standard Time): resuming generator (120 seconds with no response)

I need to custome it as your free XML online, and what is the perfect configuration to work fine with out any errors.

after 5 minutes I get error and stop working !

hope answer me as soon as well.
thank you.

Re: Error with XML 6 urgent
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replied to your email.