Setting a new location for XSL stylesheet
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In my environment, I must host the XML Sitemap Generator on a non-public subdomain which is hidden from public access.  The sitemaps get saved to the public TLD, but all the admin stuff happens on a non-public subdomain.
  • - hosts the xml sitemap generator system, which saves to /home/user/public_html/
  • (for example) is publicly accessible, but is trying to access the stylesheet located at[whatever], which it cannot access since it is only an internal subdomain
XML Sitemap Generator automatically grabs the XSL Stylesheet from the folder of the admin installation, when activated.

Therefore, my XML Sitemap breaks because the end user's system is unable to access the stylesheet.

Ideally, I would like to be able to host public files on the public server, and set it up in my settings to point to those files.  That way, I can keep the actual admin stuff separate, in the non-public area of our site, and not worry about it breaking.

For now, I have no choice but to disable XSL Stylesheets on my sitemap.

Any chance of this getting resolved?

Re: Setting a new location for XSL stylesheet
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you can specify a hardcoded stylesheet link in generator/pages/mods/sitemap_xml_tpl.xml file.
Re: Setting a new location for XSL stylesheet
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Ahh; I was looking for the setting within the admin panel.

Thank you.