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I had created sml sitemap using this site. However i noticed that not all of my url is not included in it. My website has around 100 pages. But there are some url which comes after a visitor submit a form. However those such url are not there in the sitemap. Can somebody help me.
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bots cannot follow URLs that are found by submitting forms.
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XML sitemap is like a roadmap to a website. Sitemap is a web page which contains the list of URL's of a website. By using a sitemap on can easily navigate from one page to other.
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Sitemap generators and many search engines too are not able to process the links hidden behind java script redirects or form redirects. You have to either add such URLs manually in sitemap or link such pages on the site which are present in sitemap. Best way would be to create the HTML sitemap which should conatain all links of your website and link it to footer of the home page