Dear oleg,

i have about 23000 pages, and i try its need about 27 hours to complete

my site have only about 100 new links perday

so my questions is simple, and maybe already asked before, but i still cant found it :

Is there a setting to adding new pages only, so instead replacing old sitemap, we just adding new pages?
so instead using 27 hours resources to recrawl the existed old pages, its a lot better to just adding new pages only, or at least we dont need to recrawl the existed old pages over and over again

other members please let us know if you agree or know how to do that
 I do not understand this forum. Generator installed but does not appear nada. I do not know how to fix this problem or direct me to whom. As for your question it is relevant and very interesting. I also like to know how to include only the new pages. If the software does not do this then we are literally "fried".

generator needs to crawl all pages to find new pages, since it doesn't "know" where the new page will appear. In case if all new pages are located separately, for instance, in "news/" folder, you can specify that folder as Starting url and generator will only crawl that folder.
Also, you can use "Add directly to sitemap" option to specify which pages should not be fetched from server, increasing the crawling speed.