Standalone Sitemap Generator
« on: December 10, 2012, 09:24:59 PM »
Here is what I had:

"An error occured
Datastorage folder is not writable: C:\Rootwebs\\generator/data/"

Originally, I had our IT guy go into the server and set the permissions for this to work.
I was able to clear out all the errors to get started on the site map generation.

However, it would take hours and hours and no site map generated.
We have a lot of pages/urls, so I could understand. But, I tried a different technique but not allowing of certain urls, like the dynamic ones - just to see if that would quicken the site map generation time. I put them in the field to prevent on the configuration page, and clicked the "crawling" page and ran it, and it STILL began crawling those dynamic pages.

It did not proven the crawlers from crawling those pages. I waited hours and hours, of watching this generator run and nothing. The page froze up it seemed and didn't update the numbers telling me where it was in the crawl.

So, I figured that maybe the generator at least generated something for me, so I checked the "view Sitemap" tab and went through those links, and all I got was 404 error pages.
I installed this according to your pdf instructions, set the permission to write to's exactly as shown, and nothing.

I've already wasted far more time on this then I wanted to.
Seems to me, this process should be more automated, straightforward, and easier.

If I cannot get out of this product what we need from it, we will expect a refund.
We cannot pay for error-laden software that doesn't work.

Please contact me to resolve this.

Thank you.