Run Off another host
« on: December 06, 2006, 05:35:52 PM »
Is it posable to run the script off another host?

It would be nice if I could run this script off another host and have it auto ftp it to my main host.
I notice if I run the script it take a very long time for my site to load and it uses a lot of resorces.
I got 50.000+ pages and running the delays at 10s at 50. seems to be taking a long time.If i run it any faster my host cuts me off. Im running a resorce hogger as is. ;)
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Re: Run Off another host
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you can use Standalone Sitemap Generator to create sitemaps for external hosts, but automatic ftp feature is not available, so you will have to manually upload files.
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Thanks, Would it be possible to have it auto ftp? If so it would  make it that much better. I purchased the stand alone version, and it works  great! But I would like to set a cron jobe and have it auto ftp to my main site. That would be a good thing to add for those of us who dont own servers and have a lot of indexing to do.

Thanks Patrick
Re: Run Off another host
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thank you for this feature request, it will be considered for future versions of Sitemap Generator.