How to link to diff site maps from my home page???
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Hi,  Please bear with me and my novice level.  So it seems my website  will benefit from 4 diff sitemaps: XML, ROR, HTML, and text.  What is the best way to label the links to these site maps on my home page.  For example, on my home page I have a small banner link near the bottom that reads ROR/SITEMAP.  I will link this button to my new ROR sitemap.  Are there small banner links that I can/should use to link to the other kinds of site maps?  Should I simply use a text link?  Any advice for this beginner.  Much thanks in advance,  Noah :)
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Re: How to link to diff site maps from my home page???
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you should only create links to html sitemap from your pages. XML sitemap should be submitted to google webmaster account.
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