Cross server cron for runcrawl.php
« on: January 16, 2013, 01:23:59 PM »
Here we go!

I have a website on server1. The provider does not provide a 'cron' system for automation. PHP works well and the sitemap generator works smoothly, no problems.

I also have another account, on another server, Server2, allows me to make 'cron-jobs'.

Before you suggest moving the website, I can but I won't because server2 and its content is up for sale as a part of the business I'm selling.

So, I need to create a cron job on server2 that activates the SITEMAP GENERATOR on server1. Creating the cron job is easy.

What I need is a piece of code (must be command line code to call runcrawl.php) that will call the (runcrawl.php) sitemap generator from server2 where the cron job will activate, actuating sitemap generator on server1 for a website ON server1.

I aim to call the scripts using php so the code must be compatible.

Can anyone help me here please?