I used xml-sitemaps.com to create a free sitemap x 500 pages last week - and uploaded that to my website entry in Google webmaster tools.

Now this week I have signed up for the monthly pro service - and followed instructions to add my new 1500 pages .xml sitemap under a new entry in webmaster tools.

So question - should I delete the 500 page sitemap.xml in my original entry and let the new entry be the catch all sitemap? I'm guessing yes...but thought I'd check first.


google will re-read automatically since sitemap.xml link remains the same, but you can manually resubmit it in webmaster account to speed it up.
Thanks for your reply - that makes sense. I did create a new website entry and submitted the new larger xml-sitemaps.com generated sitemap, I just didn't want it conflicting with the smaller sitemap in the other website entry. EG. I know Google doesn't like duplicate content, so don't want to have a duplicate sitemap  :-\