do I resubmit sitemap everytime I create a new one
« on: March 06, 2013, 02:02:18 PM »

I schedule to run a sitemap every week. When I look at the Google webmaster tool, and saw this:

"This Sitemap was submitted Jun 26, 2009, and processed Mar 3, 2013".

So, the error of pages I had from previous sitemap is still there on Google webmaster tool, even though I removed these pages from my website.
Do I have to resubmit the sitemap on Google webmaster tool?

Also, when I look at the sitemap.xml file from my ftp, ONLY sitemap.xml has 666 permission, sitemap2 and sitempa3.xml have 644 permission.

So, these two sitemaps with 644 permission are not uploaded on Google webmaster tool.

What should I do?

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