Sitemap.xml NOT UPDATING on my server
« on: March 07, 2013, 09:06:16 PM »
I have a folder called Generator-Data on my server that has a sitemap.XML page and sitemap.html page which created.  Is is supposed to automatilcally update the info in this folder whenever I add new content and log into their site to update the "crawl page"?   I did an update today 3-7-13 which shows the update on their page, however, the files in my Generator-Data folder show the last modification as 5-18-11.  The updated sitemap.xml file is ALSO in my html folder, I copied the text from the recent crawl and pasted it a page I saved as sitemap.xml since I could not get the Generator-Data page to update. Should I delete this page once the file in the Generator-Data folder is updated correctly?  How do I get the Generator-Data page to update?

There's also a Sitemap.HTML page in the Generator-Data folder which created and a sitemap.html page in a seperate folder that I created as part of our website for customers to use.  Are these two sitemap.html pages interferring with each other and if so should one be deleted?

Please Help :-\