Calendar loop
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I have a event website based on a calendar script (still in development)..
Fully SEO urls.

With pages like: and on month-page the events will be shown for that month.

The events on the month page can be clicked for details ->

So far so good!


I have an navigation that acts like this: Next month - Next Year - Previous Month - Previous Year.. No problem if a user hits it, but if the generator runs.. whooooo.. i was lucky i had the depth on 100.. or else it would be running until the next ice age.. i got pages from 1800 to 2025 and so on! Note: Some are empty pages with no events on it.

Now i only want to get/index the event detail pages and not the whole calendar of this era..
Only the: pages..

I tried to exclude and tried to make combinations but when i exclude /events the /event pages on those are also not indexed..

I hope you guys know what i mean.. Is this possible at all?
Thanks in advance!
Re: Calendar loop
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2013, 07:28:30 AM »

you can either limit depth level to a lower number to avoid loops going too far, or make sure that days with no events are not actually linked in calendar.
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