XML category groups with unique change frequencies
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I have 3 questions regarding this software, I purchased the product with all extras (news, images, video... sitemaps).

1st question > Our website has 26,000 indexed pages with user profiles, forum, news and blog section. The complete crawl takes cca. 1 hour to finish. I'd like to generate different groups of sitemaps with unique change frequency.

A) News section to be updated hourly and containing news only. URL: /news/
B) Blog section in a separate sitemap updated daily. URL: /blog/
C) Forum section in separate sitemap updated hourly. URL: /forums/
D) User profiles updated weekly. URL: /profile/

Am I able to setup the generator to generate the sitemaps in that way?

2nd question > I checked that sitemap_news.xml is updating after the crawl is completed. What happens if our site publishes 2 articles per hour and we run the generator daily and set up update frequency hourly?

3rd question > Our images sitemap contains 50,000 entries in 2 sitemaps
 (40k in 1st, 10k in 2nd). Can the generator set up in a way to crawl only the 2nd sitemap daily to save time and crawl the 1st only monthly?

Thanks in advance for your help,
Re: XML category groups with unique change frequencies
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1. yes, you can use "Individual attributes" setting for that, like:

2. "change frequency" only affects the corresponding attribute in sitemap, it doesn't mean that sitemap files content will be recreated with this frequency. In case of news sitemap, generator will include all new pages found in last 2 days (according with new sitemap specs).

3. The whole site needs to be recrawled since new pages can be linked anywhere on the site.