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Some Sitemaps are not updating in root directory
« on: February 09, 2014, 07:19:11 AM »
I hope I am in the correct forum area for this, but I purchased the Unlimited Generator to notify the Staff here on what I have, so if this is in the wrong area apologies and please move it to the correct area and that is where I will post from now on.

History on why I am questioning this:
Anyway the first time the Sitmap Generator ran, I had sitemap.xml which I placed folloing directions and 7 additional sitemaps generated and placed in my root directory.
During the course of generating the sitemaps we had sever weather here and outages everywhere, so I honestly did not think the Generator worked, so before attempting another run with the Generator I went through my forum and deleted around 200K posts and 2K to 4K topics or more out of it.

Well the Generator in fact did run on the first try and here I have the sitemaps in place where they should be.
I set up the cron job to run every other day "due to the amount of time I thought it would take to run and I am going to change that to everyday now" anyway now sitemap 6 and sitemap 7 have not updated with two cron jobs ran since Feb. 6th

What should I do, delete them, leave them be, or anyone with more knowledge what do you recommend?