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I have purchased the Unlimited Sitemap Generator.
I am using logrotate to rotate my access_log files. Few days back before the rotation, when there was only one access_log file, all the expected URLs were discovered. However now after the rotation, the log file is now renamed to access_log.1 by logrotate. After this action hardly any urls are discovered. I dont know why the script is failing to parse access_log.1.

Secondly, my logrotate settings will delete access_log files that are older than 6 months. Does this mean that URLs accessed 7 months ago will not be part of my generated sitemap?

Please advise.

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sitemap generator doesn't use access logs to discover website pages. It "crawls" the site by accessing all pages and following all links it can find.
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Thanks for the clarification.

Mine is a dynamic DB driven web site. So are you saying that unless there are links from my home page to all the pages, the crawling will not find all the pages?  Currently there are no links to most pages from the home page.
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It's not necessary to have links directly from homepage, but there must be a way to reach those pages by clicking links, *starting* from homepage.