Feature request: Video sitemap support for JWplayer
« on: March 05, 2014, 11:29:27 AM »
Hello developer of this great sitemap tool!

The Unlimited PHP Sitemap Generator is stil the best sitemap generator available. I'd like to use (and already bought) the video sitemap extension, but there is one problem: On my website I use JWplayer to embed videos (locally hosted and YouTube). It seems that the video sitemap generator can not detect videos which are embedded with JWplayer. But since JWplayer is sayed to be the most widespread video player on the internet, wouldn't it be a great idea to add support for JWplayer to the video sitemap generator?

I have more than hundred pages on my website with embedded videos. And I'm not really interested to maintain a video sitemap manually while I have such a powerful, commercial sitemap generator.

Do you think that the Unlimited PHP Sitemap Generator could have support for JWplayer in the not-so-far future?

Thankful greetings
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