Why the big difference ?
« on: April 22, 2014, 08:53:58 AM »
I have been trying to find why the big difference has appeared in my Sitemap. I did have about  7000 pages being processed and about 5000 being indexed then it dropped dramatically. First i thought it was the generator then I thought it was my host not giving me enough bandwidth or processing time which was partly the case. So I put the website locally on my PC and the Generator and it ran in record time with no problems but only processed about 2000 pages and indexed 1840. I would really like to know what has changed and if this is related to the upgrade from 6 to 6.1 as it was March of this year.

I am even thinking of trying version 6 again. Your help and an explanation would be appreciated.
Re: Why the big difference ?
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could you please PM me your generator URL and an example URL that is not included in sitemap and how it can be reached starting from homepage?