sitemap.html not being generated
« on: July 12, 2014, 04:15:55 AM »

We recently purchased Unlimited Sitemap Generator. We are struggling with 2 issues.

1. Followed directions and sitemap.xml was generated. We are using Wordpress in the root directory and have some pages that are outside of the Wordpress database. For example, [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ] is not inside of the Wordpress database. It uses tables in the database that are not related to Wordpress. An example of a page inside Wordpress: [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]. This page is stored in the Wordpress tables inside the database.

The pages outside of Wordpress are not included in the sitemap.xml. How do I get these page to appear in the sitemap.xml?

2. Sitemap.xml is not getting generated. How do I get an HTML sitemap?

Please help!
Re: sitemap.html not being generated
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1. please make sure that there are links to those pages somewhere on the site so that generator bot can find them.

2. make sure that html sitemap setting is enabled and "html sitemap filename" points to correct location.