Robots.txt disallow, nofollow links and "Exclude URLs"
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Does the sitemap generator ignore paths set as "Exclude:" in robots.txt, particularly wildcard directives?

I was hoping that leaving these configurations as default would simulate a crawl as googlebot would, however I see the sitemap generator crawling and parsing url's that are set as Excluded in robots.txt

I'm crawling a Magento site with ~700 products in ~100 categories and without robots.txt exclude, "noindex" meta tags and nofollow links this quickly turns into tens of thousands of URLs, which I neither want indexed (dup. content) nor crawled by the bots (un-necessary server load).

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Disallow: /products/*?dir*
Disallow: /products/*?dir=asc

but I still entries in debug like:
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I have robots.txt turned on. (full config attached)
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<option name="xs_robotstxt">1</option>

The sitemap generator actually just chokes on this and needs to be restarted multiple times.
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Re: Robots.txt disallow, nofollow links and "Exclude URLs"
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Actually not even sure if it is honouring any Disallow directive in robots.txt
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Disallow: /products/customer/
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