Site Map URL Turns Up 404-cannot find page...
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Hi.  I am a new customer and new to this forum.  I just downloaded/uploaded my Stand Alone generator about a half hour ago.  Had to call Bluehost and verify account.  He said all looked good - the only thing he did was change the name I titled the folder uploaded via FTP to "generator."

When configuring and when I pasted the url provided into the address bar, I came up with a 404 error.  It came up with a page theme like my site.

I think I've followed the instructions correctly and would very much like to get my site crawled, indexed, etc., asap and provide text or url links on the "site map" page of my WP (org) website.

Any thoughts about this?  Here is the Crawl Request Error Message:

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Thanks very much.  Hope to hear from you soon!  :)
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Re: Site Map URL Turns Up 404-cannot find page...
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please let me know your generator URL/login in private message to check this.