how to stop the generator
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I manually started crawling with the unlimited generator.  It started to show that pages were being added.  Then it stopped adding pages and began delivering the apparently very common error message "resuming generator (120 seconds with no response)" over and over every 120 seconds.  I closed my browser tab and tried to go back to my site's generator control panel but the browser activity icon just spins and spins.

After reading a previous post I put an empty interrupt.log into the generator/data folder via my server's ftp program.  Now my ftp program won't work properly.  It no longer will go to any lower level than the root.  Maybe this is a coincidental problem or tied to the generator running.

I cannot stop the activity icon spinning when I put into my browser the URL [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ].  So, How do I stop the generator?
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you might need to close not only a browser tab, but a whole browser (or open new window in incognito mode) since browser could still have opened connection.
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Thanks for your response Oleg.  Here is what I discovered after returning to work.  I left the browser up all night along with the tab that had the spinning activity icon.  This morning the icon was not spinning.  I refreshed the tab and it took me to the generator control panel.  It shows that it has crawled and added 5 levels and over 53,000 pages.  So, the generator was continuing to work throughout the night.  And after refreshing the tab it began working again.  So, far it is not giving me any timed out errors and it is continuing to add pages.

Also, of interest is that since it is working I went to the generator/data directory to delete the interrupt.log file and discovered it wasn't there.  I had created an empty interrupt.log file and verified it was in that directory last night.  I did this because I read in another post that when the crawler gets to that file it will stop.  Why it is missing is odd.

Also, my web site is on a shared windows hosted server and the hosts tell me that if they change the pnp.ini file then it will change for everyone.  They asked what I wanted it changed to and they will escalate the request.  Is there a suggested setting for memory_limit and max_execution_time?
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Here's another update that I am putting in the forum for the sake of others that may be looking for a way to stop the crawler.  Now that I can see the generator control panel again there is a link that says if you wish to interrupt then click here.  When I hover my mouse over the link I see this URL displayed [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]  I may try to copy and paste it into a browser and see if it works sometime in the future.  Hopefully my crawler will continue without incident.
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OK, the URL link was automatically removed in my post.  Maybe the admins will place it back in the post as a service to others.
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yes, that is the link to send generator a stop signal :

It might be still needed to close browser or use another browser to open it since there might be an opened connection kept with generator script.