I'm trying to understand how to configure where to save the sitemap files. I don't seem to understand the correct way to specify the paths. I limited my test to 20 pages in order to have the crawling finish quickly and it does finish and shows me under the View Sitemap tab what appears to be a correct sitemap.xml file.  That is the contents appear correct.

However, when I try to find this file and view it via FTP I cannot find it on my site.  Also, when I try to view all the other sitemap files like ror, text, and html I get various errors that appear they are not found.

I've tried many different variations on specifying paths.  For instance, www.mysite.com/sitemap.xml and it doesn't work.  Indeed there is a sitemap.xml file there but it is the empty one I originally put there.

Any assistance is appreciated
i resolved this by only using the default paths. I'm still unable to save to any other path I prefer.
The path should be specified as the server directory and file, like:

(NOT as the URL)
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Actually, I found success by using opposing slash \path\to\domainroot/sitemap.xml