Sitemap not saved
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We used your Sitemap tool for years. Now I found out that the tool crawls and echos "Sitemap created", but the Sitemap file have NOT been updated.

We changed 2 things: https-only and our server.

I tried to change domain from https:// to http://
No effect

Changed CHMOD, no effect

Deleted the Sitemap files before crawl: No new files have been created

Changed directory for output: no effect

After pressing "Run" typically you see

    Links depth
    Current page
    Pages scanned
    Pages left
    Time passed
    Time left (estimated)

But not in my case. (I can see the details for part of a second)

And this is the result of the crawl:
Sitemap details
Created on:
6 July 2015, 13:49
Processing time:
Pages indexed:
XML sitemap
In text format
In ROR format
HTML sitemap

Images sitemap
0 images
Mobile sitemap
0 pages

Please help.

Thank you,

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