still a horror scenario ?
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Hello, back since some years and bought the generator again. And thought it would be better, more fine tuned, faster etc, but it looks the same, you get the same errors because it doesnt complete its task.

So why isnt it possible to run it, create sitemaps without any problems ?
Im testing this on a site that has over 120.000 producs (from datafeed) After some minutes it goes into server error. After checking with my technician he does find it a bit much as it cunsumes between 80 and 95% CPU, whitch is bizar. Even another site of mine with 197000 products has 0,10 CPU and 80MB memory.

So i fine tuned it so its set to 8 min execution time and direct avialable 256MB memory which should be more then enough. I have set 100000 link as max, using the auto-restart monitoring hoping that it would go better.

Not sure yet how it will go, i still had to hit crawling again is it didnt restart. If you have any suggestions in how to finetune it more then do say so...

Im also only interested in the html map, not the xml....however, the txt is also created...

Any thoughts, or is the script the same like 5,6 years ago?
Re: still a horror scenario ?
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Hello,  in this case I would recommend to run generator in command line if you have ssh access to your server.
Re: still a horror scenario ?
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Thanks, wasned needed. I changed settings so that it works...that part changed compared to years ago...  :) See how it will go to 200,000 links..