Where 'O Where Is This Public_html Folder?
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Hello, I am a new Google blogger. Treat me as though I was just born yesterday. Ok, I generated a site map but became totally lost right afterwards. Where is this public_html folder and how do I upload the site map to my blog?

If you can explain this to me In newbie terms, I would be greatly thankful. I don't have a server. Or would that be referred to as the Google server? Totally confusted here.

Also, the site map I generated is indicating 6 pages. I only have two posts right now. Is this a problem?

Once I abled to upload my site map, does this map actually appears on my blog?

Also, I read the instructions 1-6 that was given to another newbie for an easier explaination--but I don't get it.

1. Create a folder "generator/ under your root public html folder (need more details/where is this?) and extract archive contents there (how and what archive contents?)

2. After unpacking (what is this?) you will enter this folder and set permission (meaning?) for "generator/config.inc.php:" file and "generate/data" accordingly.

3. Then create an empty (meaning) "sitemap.xml" file in the root public_html folder (lost again) and set permissions (meaning?) to it.

4. After that you will open the script (where/what is this?) in browser by going to [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]

5.  There is the documentation page with other details in the archive.

I appreciate any help. Thanks! 
Re: Where 'O Where Is This Public_html Folder?
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in case of online sitemap generator you should simply upload resulting sitemap.xml to your website folder (in the same way as you upload other files to your site) and then submit it to Google: http://www.google.com/webmasters/sitemaps/siteoverview and Yahoo: http://submit.search.yahoo.com/free/request