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Sorry if these are duplicated questions, I have been searching the forum and I couldn't find an answer to it.

a) I need to create a Google News Sitemap, is the configuration option "Create News Sitemap:", the right one to use?

b) My News Sitemap should contain only articles within certain URL paths, eg. /category-1/article-name , /category-2/article-name, etc
If I use the following News inclusion mask ( category-1/ ) will my sitemap contains only article URLs like /category-1/article-name-1 , /category-1/article-name-2, etc   I don't want my sitemap to contain articles from /category-2/

c) Each time I run the sitemap generator script, it starts from scratch and it takes a couple days to complete (my site is big). Is there a way to make it so it doesn't have to crawl the whole site again, but to look only for the newest content?

If my questions above are not clear enough, what I really need to do is the following:
- to generate a daily Google News Sitemap that contains only the latest added articles that belong to X category. How to do that?

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a,b. yes, correct.

c. sitemap is created from the scratch each time.
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Is the sitemap actually submitted to "bing" search engine?
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The ping is send to search engines (including bing) each time sitemap is updated. You need to submit sitemap manually one time though first.