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I just typed this out and it would NOT allow the image and now I need to do this again, this is BS!!!!!! I am not going to upload another image.....I don't mind paying for something but being giving instructions that just don't WORK isn't right!

#1 I followed the instructions and then went to and got a 404 error. I cannot login to that site with my user name or email, what do I do and where do I go next?

#2 Also, the sitemap_images.xml this does NOT allow you to change this to 0666 it only allow 3 digits so should that be just 666?

#3 Also, should the data folder be set 777 OR the folder and ALL the files in it be set to 777?
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Re: Page Not Found - 404 Error Page- Solution-
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The MySite is actually YOUR site the instructions to me were not clear about this, so this is my ERROR...
Enter your URL example if your URL was you would enter
Once on that page you will see what you see in the instructions...