Sitemap doesn't work
« on: September 10, 2016, 11:40:46 AM »
I've recently bought the paid version and it doesn't work. I've been wasting my time for two days searching for a solution.

First, most of the time it shows only the phrase  " Please wait. Sitemap generation in progress..." without the additional details like link depth, memory usage ... etc.

Second, it always stuck at link depth 4.

I've set the execution time to 60000 and the memory limit to 512M in php.ini.
My site is running on windows server 2012.

I think there is a problem with this version, because the trial version works fine.
Re: Sitemap doesn't work
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I've already done that!
Re: Sitemap doesn't work
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In this case it might be required to run generator multiple times, resuming the process until it finished crawling.
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I've already done that and the software has finished creating the sitemap.
But this is not a practical way and as I said before, most of the times when the crawling is working it shows no information. I had to stop and continue the crawling multiple times till the sitemap was created.

I am not quite sure about the accuracy of this software, as it stopped multiple times for no reason and the number of broken links is different than google webmaster tools.

You should tell people that your software doesn't work on windows machines, or you should fix these bugs in your software.   

It's kind of pathetic comparing how do you promote your software, showing all these good testimonials with your answer of " running the generator multiple times" ! Well, when I pay for a software I expect a fully working software.

Anyway, I'll search for other softwares for creating sitemaps.
Good luck with your business. I hope you fix the bugs of your software in the future, or at least be honest with your customers by telling them that the software has some problems!
Re: Sitemap doesn't work
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in case if website server limits resources for the scripts running on it in a way that prevent to complete operation, sitemap generator won't be able to overcome this limitations. In case if server is configured in a less restrictive way though, the process would have been done in one step.