I have a 2.5.3 (circa 2007) install that has been working and literally set it and forgot about it.  I was trying to upgrade to the latest 7.1 version but the crawling doesn't seem to crawl or index anything.  I tried both a clean install and an upgrade but both fail to crawl.

The 2.5.3 install still works and indexes 6000+ pages.  I've tried with similar settings (some are no longer available or are new) with 7.1 but can't get it to crawl.

The site being crawled is an x-cart store.

Are there any debugging flags or logs I can look at?
Re: Can't get 7.1 to work (0 pages indexed) but older 2.5 install works
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2016, 12:13:26 PM »
The problem was robots.txt disallowing the root directory which the old version didn't check.  Thanks!