Script stopped working
« on: March 07, 2007, 06:33:57 AM »
This script has always been working until today can tell me why?
The script
then click Crawling now show a blank screen and always has been working

All these below now show blank screen
Crawling \ Analyze Change \ Log Broken \ Links screen


When you side the mouse to over the tap call Crawling it show this

But when you click it it does not work and however when click your right buttom then copy the short cut

however and is not working like it should
it is not makeing all the all file now like this one ror.xml file
Now when you click the tap call View Sitemap and click
the file is not there so script is not working for some reason now But it was working all day yesterday on all of my websites now it is not on any of my website at all.

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Re: Script stopped working
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I replied to your email admin @ 2 days ago, here is a copy of my message:

I've just executed it and sitemaps were generated successfully:
> *Request date:*
> 5 March 2007, 14:45
> *Processing time:*
> 6.92s
> *Pages indexed:*
> 14
> *Sitemap files:*
> 1
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