Configuration of the "Mobile pages inclusion mask"
« on: November 03, 2018, 05:55:28 PM »
I am using the Standalone Sitemap Generator v8.0 (current) and like the option to have a separate mobile sitemap but am having difficulty enabling it identify which are mobile pages.  All mobile URLs include "mobile-page" as part of the file name so I tried "mobile" as the mask but that does not work.  I saw some pages that have parameters like "device=mobile" identified and placed in that sitemap though.  I also tried "*mobile*" but it also failed to identify mobile pages.
BTW, I'd like to see it also generate a separate HTML Mobile Sitemap so mobile visitors would only see mobile pages listed and desktop users only non-mobile pages listed.  I might try to create a small php script to parse and separate the HTML list.
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Re: Configuration of the "Mobile pages inclusion mask"
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sitemap generator will not detect mobile pages automatically, the only way is to use "Mobile pages inclusion mask" setting, in case if mobile pages on your website have a common part of the URL (like folder name or a special URL parameter) that allows to separate those from regular pages.
Re: Configuration of the "Mobile pages inclusion mask"
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2018, 02:45:21 AM »
Thank you for responding to my inquiry and clarifying where it looks for the mobile "mask". My site has user friendly URLs in which mobile pages have "Mobile-Page" as part of the file name, not a unique subdomain or parameters.  It would be nice if the file name was also checked for the mask, perhaps with a choice of what part of the URL to look for the mask.  Anyway, I modified the program so it adds the parameter "mgui=y" to mobile page URLs and set "mgui" as the mask and it correctly creates a mobile sitemap as desired.  This runs counter to the concept of having user friendly pages though.
Since there isn't a way to separate mobile pages from desktop pages in the HTML version of the sitemap, I changed the program so it adds "(Mobile Page)" or "(Desktop Page)" to the end of the page title since that is what is displayed in the list.  Hopefully visitors that are looking at sitemaps are smart enough to determine which type they want to view.  It still would be nice to have separate HTML versions of the sitemaps so the relevant one could be shown.