Hi everybody,

I am quite pleased with the initial tests of this piece of software.

However I get an error message. I am on my dev server with very dev-oriented settings so I get errors and warnings which would not appear on a production server.

The attached screen shot shows it.

I can send more info or do tests, upon request.

I am assuming there are zero values in the two columns with errors and the variable is a boolean instead of an array.
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please try to enable "Calculate changelog" setting  if it's disabled, remove all log files from generator/data/ folder and run it again.
Thank you Oleg. I have deleted the logs, activated Calculate changelog.

The display is now clean but since there is nothing to display I launched a new sitemap.

Strangely, although there is no structure changed on the site, now the crawler stops on the first page as if there were no links; but the links are still there like before. I have tried on both servers (the dev and the prod servers) and it's the same. You can see in the screen shot attached from History: 3,909 pages crawled earlier (= normal) and only 1 page now (incorrect). I have no idea how or why. I've reviewed the crawl settings and aside from the Calc I just activated, they are absolutely the same as before.
I just sent it in PM. Thanks.
I don't want to harass anyone but I'd like a resolution... at the moment the sitemaps generator is not working. Thanks.

a reply was sent to you on March 10th via PM:
from what I see (your website) requires login so generator cannot access it.
Ooops I had forgotten about that! I'm very very sorry, shame on me! For the initial try I had temporarily removed the login mechanism. Later forgot to do it. The site will be open to the public once ready so it's not a problem.

I am also sorry for not seeing the PM. I had expected a notification for new messages but did not receive any. I do receive notifications for public messages so I thought it would be the same.

Many thanks Oleg.