Creating sitemaps w/shared hosting
« on: October 31, 2005, 01:59:08 AM »
My site has about 20k pages - tried to configure  sitemap generator to do about 400 pages and then wait for a minute or so and resume. Did not work - server just stops processing after a 2-3k pages. Any thoughts or ideas on how I can get around this?. These particular pages are actual html - not dynamic. The pages were originaly created on my local computer and then uploaded to the server to get around the bandwidth and shared hosting memory restrictions. I tried to create sitemap.xml.gz  on my local computer - but that gives entirely wrong paths and etc.
Greatly appreciate your input.
Re: Creating sitemaps w/shared hosting
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I suppose your server doesn't allow generator script to extend the maximum execution time and interrupts it after some time. So, you may either:
1. Increase "max_execution_time" setting in your php.ini
2. Set "Save script state" option in the Generator configuration page for every60 seconds or so. Then you will resume the session when it is interrupted so many times as it will be required to complete the whole sitemap.