Different permissions issue
« on: June 08, 2020, 03:28:09 PM »
Hi, I purchased the script 2 years ago and I believe it works well overall, except for one continuous issue. I have a cron job to automatically run the script every day at midnight. Every few months I log in to the generator to see how its doing (even though I do receive daily emails) and see the following at the top of the page:

Sitemap file is not writable: /var/www/html/sitemap.xml
Sitemap file is not writable: /var/www/html/sitemap_mobile.xml
Sitemap file is not writable: /var/www/html/sitemap.xml

Then I will go in via ftp and chmod the file permissions for the 2 files to 666 from 644.... I refresh the generator page and the above error messages gets resolved. However as soon as the generator runs via the cron job the next time I log in I again see the above error message and have to again login via ftp to chmod permissions to 666 again.

I didn't see this answered previously and I don't see a more recent version in the version notes since 2017.

Thanks for any help in resolving this. Other than that I think your script works well.

Re: Different permissions issue
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can you please try to add chmod command to your cron command line, like:
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php /path/to/generator/runcrawl.php; chmod 666 /var/www/html/*.xml