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Using this sitemap script all my posts get indexed fast but using this sitemap i lost all my rich snippets.
Since i use this script all my rich snippets have been lost from google.

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sitemap doesn't affect rich snippets (or any other content) of the website.
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I think it does.
Am not saying the script isn't good.My opinion is this script is the best to control the sitemap and when with this script my posts got indexed fast enough.

About the start i'll insist,my products (xoocommerce) was showing in google with starts until i added this script and all stars gone.
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There might be changes happening in coincidence but there is no connection between sitemaps and rich snippets.
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My opinion is that this sitemap every time runs as last mod has the cron date not the really edited post as should be.

Every time runs this sitemap say to google the post has been edited or updated when in reallity the post has been updated month(s) ago.

Just telling am not master,just my opinion
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lastmod attribute is set in sitemap in case if your website returns corresponding Last-modified http  header. Otherwise current timestamp is used (or other date according to your sitemap generator settings).
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As Last modification i have choosed Use server's response.
For all links i get <lastmod>2017-01-31T05:00:05+00:00</lastmod>
4K links with the same date and hour  lol
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It means that corresponding http header (Last-modification) is not included in your server's response.
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How this can be fixed?
My cron sill runs once in a day but i don't have added to google because of this lastmod.Ll links same date and hour
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This need to be done on your website side, you need to contact your website developer for that.
You can also disable adding "lastmod" attribute altogether if it's not available.
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Hello Oleg,

A while back you and I traded some private messages on the timestamp and lastmod topics of the generator script. Your advice/insight was that it was probably a server issue whereby the server may not be providing the correct http header (Last-modification), or not including it at all in the server's response. I forwarded your info to my hosting support and after they looked at some things, they replied to me with the following...
I have thoroughly reviewed the provided information and was able to re-create the explained problem. Indeed this is something pretty interesting and I have a theory that since there are two web service on the server (Apache and xVarnish) and the fact that you have both PHP and HTML code within the file causes some serious mix up with both of them and when the handler is not active, while the static content is being processed within the file, the dynamic pages are not, since they are defined within an HTML file and the lsphp handler is not enabled.

I think I may have found a solution you can use and remove the handler. What I did is I simply removed it and renamed the HTML file to a PHP file and despite the handler missing from the .htaccess - every page was generated as it should be, as seen here:

> [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]

That way, since the file is PHP, it will get processed by Apache. Unfortunately though, after this change, I am not able to see the last modified header using this tool:

> [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]

since I believe that there needs to be a PHP function that actually shows it but I may be wrong - I am not really a developer myself and right now I would simply be assuming which is highly unprofessional on my part so I will leave this information here and hopefully you may get an idea of what needs to be done. Every change I made for testing purposes were reverted back to their original state.

I am not sure if this is something you would like to do but this is really the only thing I can think of at the moment, at least considering the current server setup with xVarnish. If the application's developer has a better idea and needs something enabled or done on the server in order for this to work, we will be happy to assist you as much as possible.

Please let us know if you need further assistance.

Can you let me know if the info provided by the hosting support seems reasonable, or makes sense? Or can you tell me what I should ask them in response to what they have said to me? Thank you in advance for your help.
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you would need to contact your website developer to make sure that last-modified details are included either in http header or in html meta tag.