an error occured
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I've read the other posts on this topic but there's no real answers on how to fix this.

When I enter in my website [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ] I receive the message "an error has occured". I try different directories/pages and get the same message.

I ran a sitemap through here just a few weeks ago witout any issues and nothing has really changed with my homepage... except more content that I'd like to try and map.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Re: an error occured
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probably there is a network connection issue so our server is unable to connect to your host. That might be related to nameserver update or other changes and the issue may disappear after a while.
Re: an error occured
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Thanks for the the full pay version web based? Or are the connections straight from your PC since it's application based.

Possibly looking to buy but want to see if there are the same issues...

Re: an error occured
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full version is a PHP script that is uploaded to your server and you can manage it in browser.