86,000 pages indexed (:^(
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Hey guys,
I tried using the free version. My site only has about 100 active pages at this point. It consist mostly of a calendar, some cool events, a few member profiles and an inactive forum. The problem is when the crawler entered the calendar database, it crawled each month and day back to 1968. This created 1000's of "empty" pages.   ???

I just launched my site in December, so I'd like to filter out any kind of month/day string, while still getting the past and future events (which currently range from abt dec 07 to May 08).

To complicate matters, I'm using a hosted application, with little (ie: NO) access to the server, so installing any kind of php script is out of the question.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!   ;D
Re: 86,000 pages indexed (:^(
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I hope that your host allows you to upload robots.txt file, in this case you can exclude your calendart pages form indexing by adding them in robots exclusion list.