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Hallo  All
it is possible to create urllist.txt for Yahoo with free online sitemap generator?
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Yes, our free online sitemap generator creates plain text sitemap as well as xml and html versions.
However, Yahoo now supports xml sitemap protocol so you can use the same sitemap as for Google.


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I read about this somewhere, so now we can subint in siteexplorer  yohoo sitemp.xml
but what about msn? Use they some format of sitemap? or they didn't support for sitemap?


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I have some trouble with yahoo - I've in sitemap.xml and txt all urls with www and all links have www, but yahoo index some pages with www and some without.

I have also redirect in htaccess maybe there is something wrong, but google index all with www
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You should setup redirect from non-www domain to www domain and your pages will be reindexed after some time.