outbound/back links for subdomain
« on: April 02, 2008, 11:34:30 PM »
Just a little background, I just created and summited a sitemap of a subdomain for the company I work for, hoping to grab some search engine rankings for some keywords that we are weak on,  while not disturbing the main site, which ranks very well on several keywords. 

Should outbound links or backlinks appear in my sitemap? 

I know Google does look at this info, but I'm new at this and want to make sure my sitemap reflects the work I've put into this project. 

Also, it may be just because it hasn't been crawled, but my Google account doesn't reflect links between the subdomain and the main site (these are necessary since our shopping cart is on the main site). 

I also focused somewhat on giving visitors access to resources on other sites (which coincidentally have decent pageranks) through outbound links. 

So does this need to be in the sitemap, or will google figure it out when they crawl the subdomain? 

Re: outbound/back links for subdomain
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according to xml sitemap protocol, it is only allowed to include URLs to exactly the same (sub)domain in sitemap, so you cannot include outbound links in it.