...as header. Is your programming faulty, your site XML testing facility
faulty or did I do something wrong? It's a bit rough that your own code
produces a sitemap file that fails in your own code testing facility.
Please advise if you need me to fix something here or when you'll fix
things over at your end;~) Never thought all of this would be so
problematic in use. Is this a mature product item or really new?
----best wishes, Robert
Think your test tool is only good for sitemap.xml files in the root.
----best wishes, Robert
Noted. I wasn't aware of that, I am new for sitemapping technology.
In hindsight this intelligence should appear on the frontend of your
tool and, for another point, your tool should not then accept URLs
for testing that are not in the root?
----best wishes, Robert
Generally, it's not *always* must be in domain root, it should be in the topmost folder of all URLs included in sitemap. i.e. if all URLs are domain .com/articles/.. and *below* then sitemap can be uploaded in domain .com/articles/sitemap.xml
Tricky point. I had roughly understood that earlier but my confusion
resulted from the subsequent mapping always including the root. In
explanation I am developing a new model for my site to replace the
high maintenance Joomla! CMS model. New model is not ready but
is operational hence the reduction in my PR but this will improve.
So I have an existing sitemap arrangement for the Joomla stuff
which is live but gradually declining as I transfer content. That is
why the new model is lower hierarchical ie not based in the root.
Maybe I keep it this way though I haven't yet decided. It's my
server so I can write appropriate httpd.conf redirectors.
----best wishes, Robert