where or what is a root folder?
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I'm supposed to put my new documents and settings code in my root folder on my site. Okay, what or where is the root folder? Is that somewhere on my template? Could I just copy the code onto the template, but if so, where? Please help! Would be so nice if I could have just filled in my URL and submitted it and Google would do all the placement for me...
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Hi Darlene,
I am just an user like you.

The root folder is usually named with your domain name, and it is usually accessible via FTP Client.

Your HTML Editor (like Dreamweaver, GoLive, MSFrontpage, etc.) won't do the complete job for you unless you already generated the sitemap.xml file through the online sitemap generator version, in this case you could copy and paste the code on a .xml extension file and then publish it like you ordinary do with your other htm files.
Or simply open the sitemap.xml file that you saved from the online sitemap generator in your Html Processor and publish it into your website.
I know Dreamweaver has the ability to create a .xml file, I don't know the others processors.

Anyway, if you bought the standalone sitemap generator script, I suggest you to pay the little fee for the setup as they stablish in this forum at https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/forum/index.php/topic,12.html. You'll save time and frustrations. 

I hope I did help some.

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Hi Darlene,

The "web root" folder is usually named as "public_html/".

Here are some simplified installation instructions.

And, like Laura said, we may help you installation for the small fee as described in the linked thread.
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Thanks for your advice, but I'm still baffled. I have the code already generated to me; went through Google and they sent it. It includes all the pages on my site. Does that mean I can just copy and paste it directly onto my site? And if so, again, does it go on my template? Where on my template would it go? Google's been so good, and I don't have to pay through them.
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I'm not sure what 'template' do you mean, but if you have sitemap file generated and just want to add it to the site, you should upload the "sitemap.xml" to the "public_html/" folder on your server. And after that ping the Google site with your sitemap URL.
You will find all details on the Google Sitemaps FAQ:
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Thanks for responding. By template, I meant the one I used to build my site, but now somehow I was able to submit my sitemap to Google, just stumbled on how to do it. Had to go to different links and found it. After submitting, it initially was pending, but now they say I have a parsing error. Not sure why. All I had to do, as far as I could tell, was type in the URL to my site. Did it without the backslash at first, and they couldn't accept it, but then I added it (/) and they accepted the submission.

Well, after I got the parsing error, I resubmitted my site, with everything the same as the first time. So now I guess I have to wait until tomorrow morning to see what happens, because it takes several hours. If they still say there's a parsing error, maybe I'll have to have them generate a new code for me, or try to figure out what's wrong with the one they initially gave me.

My fingers are crossed. Will let you know if problem gets solved. But one quick question, if you don't mind. Within the code they gave me, besides the link to my site, it shows links to my various pages. Even though I only had to submit the actual site URL, all the pages will be crawled, right? Will revisit you in the morning. Thanks so much!


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If you created the sitemap, and its in xml format, you merely name it somefile.xml, that file along with your url is what you submit to the search engines that read the xml files.

to clarify. you used some method of generating a sitemap by submitting your url, the output was given to you in one of three flavors, txt, xml or zipped.

as to what name was on that flavor i would not know. at any rate,  you can take the "sitemap.txt" or the "sitemap.xml" or the "sitemap.gz" and this will be read by any of the bots that parse xml sitemaps.

you ftp to your site, in the "root" of your server /public_html/ where you have your index.html or index.htm or index.php file, the root of your site is what this is referred to. place any or all flavors of the sitemap that was generated for you into this directory. go to yahoo and google and submit the location of the sitemap, specify which flavor of the sitemap  you want them to read, [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ] or [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ] or [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]

i hope this has cleared up what needs to be done.

good luck