Dear Customers,

A new version of Sitemap Generator has been released.

What is new in v2.9?

  • automatic email notifications sent every time sitemap is generated
  • html sitemap customization: date format selection (xs_dateformat), order folders by name (xs_htmlnameorder)/li]
    • http/1.1 protocol supported
    • memory usage optimized, new option to define memory limit
    • option to allow pages with http response code different from 200 to be included in sitemap (xs_allow_httpcode)
    • minor bug fixes and improvements

    Note to existing customers: you can get the new version free of charge using the same download link (<a href=",118.html">upgrade instructions</a>).
Unable to get the new date format and htmlnameorder settings to work.
Please elaborate more clearly and fully for that matter;~)
----best wishes, Robert

I have the date format changed, I have great difficulty getting
changes to show or be fixed. Overriding the cache(?) seems
rather difficult and I seem to have go through many hoops
to see any modifications to show, maybe this is not helped
by the other issue whose effects result in server log lines.

However I just CANNOT get the html order/sort working.
Perhaps I have to also remove  an opposing sort switch?
Please specify the full set of options valid for the switch.
Some examples specified in full would be helpful.

----best wishes, Robert
Congrats on the new version.  I tried to download the update with the link in the email.  But it gave me version 2.8. :'(
Please send version 2.9.  I also PMed you about my site and configuring the script.  ;D
Please explain more fully how to get the htmlsort option working.
Perhaps it was cached for you, please try to clear your browser cache.

Got it...thanks. :)
how can i get this version, mine really not worked at all from the beginning
You can download the most recent version using the same link sent to you in activation email after purchase.
I don't have that link, i have a new pc, all i had is gone, i guess you have to check the payment details.
What is the url to download the upgrade? i cant see it at,118.html

found it thanks
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i dont have the link to upgrade can you send me too ?