Get this magic software running.
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I am not a computer programmer, rather a oridinary owner of the website. I purchased the software hoping that it will generate my website sitemap to submit it to Google. I can't get this running. What I am doing wrong?
I do not have extra time to go thru all this BS on the blog to lern out of it how to do. I need product to run right after I purchased it. Otherwise I neeed my money back. Piriod.
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Re: Get this magic software running.
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I am just another user looking for some technical help but thought I'd leave a line of suggestion.

Sensing the frustration you're experiencing and bearing in mind your statement that you're not a programmer, the sitemap generator + installation (for $10 extra) would have been the appropriate option for you.
Re: Get this magic software running.
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can you provide details on what exactly is the issue you get?
You can find an installation how-to here: