Paid $5 for broken links; where are they??
« on: September 04, 2008, 03:08:03 PM »
Paypal returned me to the homepage at It hadn't updated anything to show me the broken links list I'd paid for.

I searched the site and could find no clue except on the links page which said 'just crawl your site with the online crawler for this' (broken links list). So I refreshed the page that indexes the site, thinking that might make a link to a broken-links-list pop up, but nothing.

Then I thought maybe it had been emailed to the paypal payment address, so I waited a bit and checked that, but nothing there either.

I might add that paypal says the payment to "Philip Nicosia" went through fine.

Then I thought maybe I needed to run the sitemap again from the start, so I did that. Still didn't make any link for broken-links available.

There is reference around your site to easily pay for this list, but no easy way to see how one is supposed to GET it once it is paid for. Right now it operates like a scam -- you ask for money but give nothing for it and give no easy way to ask anybody without the typical endless "FAQ search" loop most companies have. Surely a person should not have to go to a forum, register, confirm, post a page asking a question, just to actually get directed to what should have been made obvious on return from paypal.

How about giving me a clue?  Because my psychic powers aren't working so well this morning.

Re: Paid $5 for broken links; where are they??
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Please check your email box, you should have received notification email like:

Thank you for purchase!

You have access now to the broken links list found by Online XML Sitemaps Generator for this domain:

You can see the list here:
Re: Paid $5 for broken links; where are they??
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Thank you, I got that an hour or more after I posted here. It looks like maybe the email was just delayed. As was my polite behavior apparently, I apologize.