Google tell me I'm using the wrong format?
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Newbi looking for help in this complex world. of web site, be patient I'm 70 in february.
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Having generated a Sitemap.xml with which I was well impressed , It even alerting  me to 3 duff links for a few pounds well worth the moneuy  I made a few corrections  to update my site pages info. Title etc  before it was ready for posting  I validated my site with Goggle no problem and up loaded the  Sitemap.xml  However google have said that there is one error, I have used the wrong format.

So where have I gone wrong?

Also how do I load an Sitemaop.html so that my readers can use it to their advantage.

Also Google say they have a site map of my site ready for use How do I employ this?     
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Re: Google tell me I'm using the wrong format?
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make sure that you do NOT copy/paste xml sitemap, but use "Save As" to store it on your computer and then upload it to your site without changes. It looks like sitemap has a few extra lines on your site.
Please try it again: download your sitemap - and upload it.
You should do the same with html sitemap, if you want to let your site readers see the sitemap you should also add the link to sitemap.html somewhere on the site (like we have the link to html sitemap in the footer of our homepage).
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Re: Google tell me I'm using the wrong format?
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Many thanks that worked alls now OK .

Because I have a resonable index page I won't bother about the html at present,
However when /if i do decide to add it do I have to link it to any of my present files, do I show it in my index page, or simply tack it on the the bottom of my homepage ?   
Your help reallt is appreciated.
Re: Google tell me I'm using the wrong format?
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All done, I have managed to add the html Sitemap as well, optional if readers want to use it but useful all the same .
I use Acehtml pro5 to forulate my pages and that was adding extra information obviously conflicting with the downloaded file from