Domain/ sub domains site maps
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Hi can you please advise. I'm not too sure how this would work so I'm hoping you can help.
I have a domain name (root folder) - for example,

Now within this root folder ( I have two other websites root folders, both being phpbb forums - for example one for cars and another for boats.
The url’s for these sites look similar to these below;

My question is, would I have to create a site map for all three domains/ sub domains or would one site map do for all? I suspect that I would need to create a site map for each.

if the latter is the case then once I’ve created all three site maps I suspect that I would have to rename the individual saved XML sitemap files to there respective domains. – for example, renamed to boatssitemap.XML, carssitemap.XML and then upload all three site maps into my Cpanel “public_html”

Am I correct in thinking that the url addresses for each of the above domais /subdomains that I would need to submit to google would look like this;

I know it’s a little long winded but I hope I’ve made sense.


Re: Domain/ sub domains site maps
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in case if those sites are just subfolders (as you specified - etc) you can create a single sitemap for all of them.