Is the xml-sitemap generator FREE?
« on: October 09, 2008, 07:45:10 AM »

Is the XML sitemap generator free as stated on the front page?  But I also saw in this forum the price is $20.  Thanks. ???
Re: Is the xml-sitemap generator FREE?
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2008, 07:08:24 AM »

there are two different sitemap generators that we offer:
1. *Free* Online Generator that works on our site: where you enter website URL and it creates the sitemap, then you should upload resulting sitemap files to your site. This generator is *limited* to 500 pages since it's running from our server.

2. Unlimited Sitemap Generator is a PHP script that you install on *your* server and it creates full sitemap for your site. This software costs $19.99, but is not limited with number of pages and has more configuration options.