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 :-[I am a newbie in the field of getting things done by myself.  But I tried to resolve the second command on the sitemap generator, as to "upload" in the public folder.  I read all messages on the topic and didn't get enough of answers to be able to proceed.  I am scratching my head to frustration since google is a web server, everyhing seems to work differently.  However, if I could just get a clearer way, more precise instructions on how to complete this step, I would find paradise! I tried Filezilla, and I can't even find my host, nothing is working right because I am probably doing the things the wrong way. I am providing you my adress so it might help you help me! thanks to any devoted helper.   [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]
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specifics might depend on your host, so if you have issues the best way is to ask your hosting support how to upload resulting sitemap.xml to your website.