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Wierd happenings with our XML-Sitemaps installation
« on: April 22, 2009, 12:00:35 PM »
Our XML-Sitemaps installation has been working wonderfully well for a couple of years. We've updated, modified, revised the whole site with no problems at all - now disaster has struck.

We've jut completed a major overhaul with the website, both our end and with its hosting, and the XML-Sitemap Generator doesn't work. Well, it does work after a fashion. It generates sitemap.xml and urllist.txt but only generated maybe 6 links for sitemap.php (we have maybe 1000) and doesn't doing anything much with ror.xml.

Simple you say. Just roll-back your changes until you find the problem. Unfortunately its not that simple. We have (we think) narrowed it down to our website - its seems to be on the in the webstore section but we just can't track it down.

Any thoughts?