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I have a short question: I have developed several travel websites (,,, etc). All are the same website structure but have different css files and information. But they work together, I mean....when I upload any information I make it and then I choose for which website belongs this new information, but they do share the same structure as the website programming is only one, what it changes are the colours and contents of the websites.
So....what kind of sitemap.xml should I build? I doubt to make sitemap.xml for each website/domain since they do not have differents folders, the sitemap for all of them should be in the root. So should I make sitemaps with differents names? which ones?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Different domains under same hosting (and no subdirectories)
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you can select any filename for your sitemap, so you can have a separate  sitemap for each site, like:


Re: Different domains under same hosting (and no subdirectories)
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Olg, thank you very much.

Just to confirm your worthly reply. Do you advice me to do, for example: the following sitemaps:


and of course upload them all in the root directory, and in every sitemap include their respective url? Inside sitemap-jujuy.xml add the url [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ] and so on all others url for the same domain/website and the same for the others sitemaps and sites?

Thanks again in advance.